Jan 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009: Beneath Two Skies!

January first is a day for new beginnings. Whether it's the hot start to your shiny new resolution or just a chance to reset, refresh, and maybe look forward to the next year with an extra ounce of optimism, the first day on the Western calendar is the right time to make a change.

So, I shall.

As of today, Points of Convergence is no more.

This blog has moved to become Beneath Two Skies, a self-hosted and much more polished version of the Blogger site that you've come to know over the past 11 months.

Everything from this site has been transferred to the new location, where it is fully indexed, searchable and available to future visitors. Subsequent posts, contact updates, comments and everything else will now be handled exclusively in the new location.

Thanks to the moderately comprehensible folks at Feedburner.com, you should find that your RSS feeds automatically update to the new site*, however you will need to update your bookmarks if you visit me manually.

So, goodbye to PoC. Hello to B2S. I'm ready and excited to begin a shiny year in a great new location with all kinds of sleek content on the way. I hope you'll join me there!

Best wishes,

*Cough. I think. I hope.