Oct 22, 2008

Slow Down: Genius at Work

(Most awesome graphic EVAR made by Phaelia of Resto4Life, master model-viewer and all around cool tree. <3)
Dear beloved readers,

Please, even if you hate me and want to wring my neck for prolonged negligence, do yourself a favor and go read this post from Euripides of Critical QQ. Genius deserves an audience. (Plus, I'm hoping you'll forgive me for not amusing you if I can at least send you to someone who can.)

I am totally NOT dead. I have been spending the worst, most annoying kind of time on the blog, lately.... the kind you can't see. Bear with me just a few more days.

Oh, and set aside that afternoon coffee before you go visit 'Pides. Your keyboard and monitor will thank you for it later.

Coffee laughsplosions are bad, m'kay,