Jan 29, 2008

That First Step

It's always funny how that first step is naturally the hardest. It's almost as if the human psyche is as susceptible to Newton's First Law as the body is. You need to exert a large force just to get things rolling. A bit of pow and bif just to get the brain off its dimpled rump and into motion.

Well, I've got the pow in my purpose, here, and the can of Diet Coke on my elbow is bringing in the mad bif, so let's get this show on the road and see just where we roll!

Welcome to Points of Convergence, a tale and a blog and an intellectual challenge all at once. Quite literally.

Posts here will be mixed between philosophy, theory, fantasy and fact about the influences of the World of Warcraft on our real and imaginary selves. We'll talk about taking care of yourself as well as your toon. We'll talk about phat porples and strategies to get them. We'll talk about classes and advantages and abilities and macros and all those theorycrafting elements that the best WoW players dream about at night. We'll balance all the practical with a bit of fancy, and maybe a bit of artistry. We'll explore Lore: characters, histories, race and creeds. We'll wander Azeroth from the perspective of its denizens by way of fiction. We'll wander Azeroth from the perspective of its participants by way of fact. We'll enjoy stories, information and even art to help give greater depth to this digital interest that we all share.

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Get your Riding Crops and Mithril Spurs ready, ladies and gentlemen. We're about to start a journey of exploration in the biggest digital world the Earth has ever known. :)

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