Mar 5, 2008

Where in the World? - Old-world Details

We do a lot of it in World of Warcraft - the running around. Point A to Point B, nonstop gryphon (or wyvern) all the way. You need to deliver eggs from Feralas to Gadgetzan, stop by the Hinterlands and take a picture of a giant turtle, then swing by Rut'theran village and deliver some feathers, the snapshot and another stack of Morrowgrain for that arrogant jerk, Staghelm*. It's enough to make the busy adventurer's head spin.

I'm here, today, to tell you that you should really slow down and take a look around. Azeroth is full of beautiful and interesting detail**, and if you're rushing around like an XP junky looking for her next fix, you're missing way too much. So, please... let me help you remember what you've forgotten to notice with a fun little contest.

Below are 16 cuts from scenes found all over Azeroth (not Outlands). They're places and objects in places that I noticed as interesting, amusing, lovely or just downright cool. A few of them will probably be pretty obvious, but some of these guys are tricksie-tricksie. The first person who can accurately name each location by zone and area gets a prize. (Email information is in the sidebar to the right, there.) Be specific because I love to catch people up on technicalities. MUHAHAHA!

"What's the prize?!" you say? Don't ask. It's a ... um... secret. Yeah. I'm keeping it a secret+...

Anyway, have at thee! Answers will be posted next week.





* We hates him, my precious! Haaaatesssss him!
** So are the Outlands, but that's a contest for another post. ;)
+ .... until I figure out what it is. >_> Maybe a free character commission?


Matticus said...
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Rhoelyn said...

I responded to your email, Matticus. Thanks for playing. :) Answers will be up on Thursday.

Anna said...

Ok this is driving me mad now!

Tell me the answers :P

I have about 6 I think :(