Apr 1, 2008

Compendium of Fools - 2008

If you haven't looked at your calendar - I mean, really looked at that-there datestamp, then you're in for a rough day. It's April 1st, and that means you're best served to suspend all belief until 11:59 PM tonight.

On the bright side, presuming you didn't fall for any of it, this is a great day for a smile and a laugh, both of which I love to bring to my audience. Thus, though it's not an official update day here at PoC, I give you my Compendium of Fools. Go. Enjoy. Lock your gullibility in the closet on your way out the door.

  1. Slugs with lasers!
    Blizzard has announced its newest foray into the Console market: World of Warcraft, The Molten Core. With such features as movement in any of 8 unique directions, glorious 192i resolutions, and SOUND, how can you possibly resist what is sure to be a record-breaking release for your PS3 and Xbox 360?! (... or maybe the Atari 2600?)

    The Molten Core
  2. In a monumental feat of productivity, Blizzard has also taken the opportunity to announce a new hero class for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion: the Bard. If you thought 2.4 was breaking the barriers of gameplay, then you've got to see what's in store for those of us who take the path of hardcore Rock damage. Sexy and powerful, this new ultimate class may just beat the Death Knight into obscurity.

    The Bard
  3. There's more. Blizzard has brought a new addition to its StarcraftII page. The Terran Marines are getting a boss new unit, and he ain't there to chew no cud. Meet the Mad Cow Marine, the baddest bovine on the block! After so long, it's finally true. There is a cow level.

    The Mad Cow
  4. Last, but certainly not least, Diablo II hasn't escaped the Blizzmonster initiative for 2008. Added to the expansion page is a wonderful new accessory, the Loot PiƱata. I don't know how we ever dungeon crawled without it. (Though I wish I knew who found this page, because they need a big old pat on the back. I could not find any linkage from the Diablo II site.)
    Loot Pinata
  5. WoW Insider, long considered a key source for all the latest WoW info, tips, and tricks, has decided that it's time to move along with the tide of change. Say goodbye to WoW Insider and hello to Hello Kitty Insider, your source for HKSuperman and so much more. Triple B assures us that this is no joke, so it must be true. Have you got your Hello Kitty Online beta key, yet?
    HKO Insider
  6. WoWHead, the popular and very useful WoW database site, has gotten a minimalist... and rather familiar-looking overhaul for this most auspicious of holidays. Now, where have we seen that look, before? Hmmm...
  7. Druidity and Roguery
    Phaelia and Valenna, apparently having recently traded WoW accounts altogether, have written up their respective guides to their new 70 classes. Check out Phaelia's Guide to Roguery and Valenna's Guide to Druidity. Not only are these two BlogAzeroth founders wise about their new toons, but they are apparently well versed in the creation of new and exotic WoW terminology. Who will be next to pontificate about classifery?!
  8. Over at A Dwarf Priest, our earnest and honest little healiforating friend is not trying to fool you for this April 1st, but she is doing a good job of amusing you. Check out the amusing and impressive loot on her boyfriend's Loot-a-day World of Warcraft calendar. I'd totally go for with a gnome in those babies! Wouldn't you?!
  9. McLovin' has done it, again. Always the first to bring us the latest news from the Tech front, he has yet another wild scoop over on his World of McLovin'. The iRaid, long rumored to be in development, is confirmed, and WoW is on its way to your handheld. Sweet! Farming during boring meetings never looked so simple.
    World of McLovin'
  10. Leafshine brings us a very new, very important secret to that 10-man instance that we all love to hate. Make sure you go see her Secrets of Karazhan video! If you follow her simple moves, you'll be rickrollin' your way to phat lewtz in no time.
These are the WoW April Fools that I've found so far. What else can we add to our list? Have you found anything hilarious? Whatever you choose, have a fun and lighthearted Tuesday. Happy April Fools Day!

Late edit:

I just found this one, and though it's not WoW-related, I think this crowd will appreciate the tease.
  1. From IGN, we have Legend of Zelda: The Movie
Ah, if ONLY this were real... and about 50x less B-quality. :P But still, it's a great present for April Fools Day. We can dream!


BigBearButt said...

You win the day for taking so much fun and putting it all together in an even prettier package.

Now stand by and prepare to be deluged as all those with no sense of humor conmplain that you are mentioning non-real wow news.

Cause WoW is ONLY srs bsnss. Srsly.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Tauren with cigars!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, Blizzard decided to honor me with my own Starcraft unit.

They know I don't smoke, it's just an homage to my penchant for Clint Eastwood westerns.

/no, seriously
//Ok, I is horribull liar, but it'd be awesome if they did

Dethedrus said...

Their earlier efforts (such as the great two-headed ogre playable race hoax) seemed a bit more spot on.