Apr 4, 2008

Titans and Demiurges 04 - My Little Dreadsteed

Well, hey. Since yesterday was a cop-out, and today has dropped some fun, creative fodder in my lap... Here we are with an off-schedule update.

Wertle over at the Livejournal WoW_Fanart community has made a great gift for a guildmate. Inspired by an old WoW Insider contest entry by Amynnah, she customized a My Little Pony into an adorable dreadsteed present. Isn't that just about the cutest thing since babies and kittens?!

It begs the question... what other 'My Little Pony' customizations could the game inspire? I wonder if you could get as far as a Ram or a Talbuk? And what other toys might be customizable into fun creations from our World of Warcraft experiences?

Inspiration of a Dreadsteed


Kellie said...

Definitely cuter than babies. *nodnod*

Asara Dragoness said...

WOW. That is awesome :D

My little Murloc? No wait.. that's my guild master. hm...