Mar 12, 2008

Where in the World? - Old-world Answers

Well, it's been seven days. Did you know where my screenshots were? As you were considering them or researching them, did you learn anything new about Azeroth? Was anything intersting enough that you ran around to find its source for yourself? Did the suspense have you biting your nails for today's revelations???

I hope not. It's bad for your cuticles. Tsk.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. There were some very slick answers, and a few of you got most of the tricksie locations. However, one screenshot in here saved my bacon (read: prevented anyone from getting them all right). Number 16 was the big stumper.

But 'nuff said. Let's see the answers to the Old-World Details contest:

#1 Un'goro Crater - Terror Run


#2 Searing Gorge - The Doors to Blackrock Mountain*


#3 Uldaman - The Ancient Halls


#4 Felwood - Irontree Woods


#5 Swamp of Sorrows - Near Splinterspear Junction


#6 Scarlet Monastery Armory - Herod's Chamber


#7 Un'goro Crater - Crystal Cave


#8 Blackwing Lair - Nefarian's Lair


#9 Desolace - Ranazjar Isle


#10 Darkshore - Shatterspear Village


#11 Duskwood - The Twilight Grove


#12 Feralas - Dire Maul - Eldre'Thalas Courtyard


#13 Desolace - Mannoroc Coven


#14 .... Silithid Hive... somewhere**


#15 Blasted Lands - Altar of Storms


#16 The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40) - Battleguard Satura's Chamber


Thanks to everyone who emailed me to play. I hope that these glimpses of Azeroth have helped remind you about the rich world in which your toon makes his or her home. It's worth a few extra minutes to stop and look around, even in those places that you've run through a thousand times before. You never know when a cute little doodad or an interesting angle will pop up to inspire and motivate you!

The Death Glow is active, which is why they are a funny greytone instead of their usual murderous red / orange.
Despite an hour of running around to every Silithid hive in the world, I couldn't quite track this one down for certain. I believe that it is most likely from the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, but I give full credit for anyone who sees it and thinks 'Silithid somethingorother'. :)

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Gwaendar said...

Considering that only very few people actually went to AQ40, that one was... nasty :)