Sep 19, 2008

An' It Be a Holiday!

If'n ye 'as an ounce o' sense in yer barnacle-'fested, landlubber brain, ye'll 'ave already seen 'Ripides' warnin' an' perpared yerself. If'n not, then ye deserves ta dangle from th'mizzenmast by yer rotted toes, ye blitherin' slackjaw squiffy!

T'day be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, an' ain't nothin' like an 'earty chorus of avasts an' ahoys t'make th' lowest jack be feelin' like a swashbucklin' 'ero with a wench on each arm, I tells ye.

So, hoist the mainsails, ye scurvey sons o' a biscuit eater. Tis time t'be takin' th'ways of the sweet trade t'yer black 'an twisted 'earts 'til ya be loaded t'th' gunwales an' caterwhaulin' loudly 'nuff what t'send th' lilly-livered runnin' fer shore. Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

An' be makin' sure ye raise at leas' one mug o' grog t'th' cap'n an' 'is best mate. They be deservin' th'honor, says I. 'Sides, Cap'n Slappy an' Ol' Chumbucket been knowed t'put th' black mark on scalliwag's fer less'n that.

'Appy Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye pack 'o scurvey dogs!


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Havohej said...

Talk Like a Pirate Day was especially fun in Pirates of the Burning Sea; they had a special holiday mission in which you could win a parrot to sit on your shoulder, like the pirates of popular lore! Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket were the two special NPCs handing out the missions, too, it was cool as all get out :)