Nov 23, 2008

A Day You Mustn't Miss!

November 23rd, 2004. Does the date ring a bell?

... well, it didn't with me, but then I'm no good with dates. Luckily, Blizzard is much more on top of things. :)

Happy 4th Birthday, World of Warcraft!

4th Anniversary - 112308

If you do nothing else to celebrate the anniversary of our glorious foray into Azeroth and Outlands, at least make sure that you take a second to log in. Just log in. Blizzard is giving us all an easy achievement and a wonderful little polar-bear pet.

Baby Blizzard Bear - 112308

I will love him and hug him and call him George!


Anonymous said...

I should probably make it a point to tame a white bear at some point on my hunter. I'll name it "BigMama" or papa...something heh...

Cute Screenshots ftw! hehe

Rhoelyn said...

I saw the perfect white bear to tame while questing, last night. His name was Hozzer, an Elite over on Scallawag Point in the Howling Fjord. Link! I think he'd be wonderful standing beside Baby Blizzard Bear. :D

Verune said...

Hey! My Bunny pet is named George. :O

It's true, you can ask Kyoti.

Rhoelyn said...

All the best pets have names, Verune. ... that's why I call -you- poppa bear, after all. >:}