Nov 13, 2008

Wrath Night - A Picturebook Story

Once upon a time... a brave druid answered the call to fight Evil...

Wrath Night - Lined up

Joined by dozens of friends ... er... acquaint--... er... okay, dozens of total strangers, he waited for the sun to set and the boat to arrive that would carry him to ever-greater glory.

Wrath Night - Kan haz Boat

And arrive it did...

Wrath Night - First Boat

With visions of daring do and swooning damsels in distress dancing in his head, he faced forward as the majestic Kraken crested her first waves.

Wrath Night - First Boat Ever

(He rather thought maybe that Joebaahb fellow was on the wrong ship, just for the record... )Wrath Night - To Northrend

... and then...


Wrath Night - Lolz false alarm


Yeah. Achem.

Once upon a time, a brave druid who had logged out and back in answered the call to fight Evil. Again.

Wrath Night - Lining up - take 2

The Kraken returned, inevitable as the tides, to whisk the eager adventurers to a new world...

Wrath Night - Boat 2

Her briney deck was full to bursting as she once again  set sail...

Wrath Night - BoatezBut fate (and maybe Blizzard) is cruel.


Wrath Night - OMGLOLZ

Rhese fought with despair, but the wisdom of friends and countrymen soon buoyed his flagging spirits...

Wrath Night - Blind Leading Blind

... more or less. He couldn't help but liken the moment to "the blind leading the blind."

... -_-

Still, ever a druid to harken to sage advice, our druidic hero proceeded to log, reboot, turn three circles, light some candles to the Wrath gods, and then wait the requisite short eternity for Kraken v. 3.0

Wrath Night - Tiger eatez

She arrived just in time.

... What? After all that waiting, tiger was hungry, okay?!

Wrath - 4th times the charm    Aligned against anything that would stand in their way, the heroes of Azeroth (finally) felt the stinging rain of Northrend... 

Valiance Keep - Borean Tundra... and faced the mighty walls of Valiance Keep.

Wrath Night - Valiance in Sight

And so, the brave druid who ventured to the frozen north (through many trials and tribulations) gained the first reward of many...

Discovered - Valiance Keep

The ... Beginning.



Faradhim said...

Smile. Great post. Very funny. I almost spilled my tea laughing.

Rhoelyn said...

Well, I am glad that you enjoyed it, faradhim. But no tea spilling. That's a crime against heavenly beverages everywhere! :D

Hana said...

I'm catching up on blogs as I sit in queue lol... that was pretty funny. :) Being Horde though, my embarrassment was largely "Where's the zeppelin to Northrend?" I was standing on the wrong blimp tower... not realizing that the Horde had built another one on the other side of Org. >_<

Aleathea said...

Nice pictures! Loved the post. very creative as always, Rhoelyn.