Nov 5, 2008

Public Service Announcement: Just Say NO!

Dear Khierra,

You don't know me, but I am a hat activist. I scour Azeroth for the Headgear that Should Never Be Seen. Wherever I findi t, I find a cause, and I am compelled to lobby long and hard against its use. Horrible hats are a blight on the eyeballs of Azerothians everywhere!

Yours, dear druid, is one of Them.

Please understand. I sympathize; I know the temptation that a stat-rich new headpiece offers. I spent my own period of weakness beneath the brim of a particularly rancid millinery confection. I don't blame you for the errors of your youth, but I do beg you to see the Light. I don't think I could bear to see another young adventurer fall to the same evil that has claimed so many, including a dear friend of mine.

Be strong, young sister. Hide your helm for the good of all Azeroth (and Outlands).

And remember...

Evil Hat!

With Best Intentions,
~Rhoelyn of Proudmoore


Verune said...

I like most of those hats >.>

Shadow said...

Well who ever said a bear had good taste, Verune?


Anonymous said...

The Hat still loves you, Rho, even when you're mean to it!

- Esyllt

Aurik said...

Bwuhahah, thank you for adding your voice to mine in the cause against horrible-hatdom!



Dethedrus said...


Rhoelyn said...

It gladdens my heart to hear that others understand the burden of anti-uglyhat activism. Khi has been made to see the light! Link.

Now, I think we need to stage an intervention for Esyllt (and maybe Verune??), and we'll have made great progress.