Dec 17, 2008

A Look Back: First Responses

Not too far on the other side of the horizon, a pleasing and arguably important date for the blog approaches. The end of January, 2009 will mark the first anniversary of Points of Convergence, and watching and planning for that approaching event has gotten me feeling nostalgic. I wasn't quite sure what to do with that feeling until fellow blogger, OneAmongMany, tagged me via Tweet.

Mad Props

After what may very well be the most boring first post in the history of blogdom, PoC got a real start with a quick introduction to yours truly. I was lucky enough to be greeted and welcomed to the blogging world by a few really top notch people. It's those first-supporters of my work that I want to slap with some mad props and thank, today. You are the ones who gave me my first push and helped me to keep going through a busy and stressful year.
  1. Sweetflag - My very first commenter, Sweetflag was a visitor from the UK who has since branched out from WoW-blogging to general game and culture blogging, as you can see in his (I'm guessing gender) new blogging location, Construed.

  2. Asaradragoness - A frequent return visitor to the site, Asara's always been a supportive voice and an uplifting commenter around PoC. She has a personal / WoW blog that is currently hosting a bunch of pictures of just about the cutest young family in the whole known world. Best wishes to you and yours, Asara!

  3. MamaDruid - Here's another friendly face that got her start on my blog early. MamaDruid, beyond being an enthusiastic and friendly supporter of PoC, has one of those blogs that are just the way I like them: covering a great breadth of WoW-related topics with an emphasis on fun things to do and see, interesting experiences, and little in-game adventures and discoveries.

    MamaDruid is currently MIA in the blogging world (as you'll see if you click her blog link), but myself and all the Twitteratti are hoping she'll reappear soon and that everything is going well in the mean time. Come back to us, MamaDruid!

Honorable Mention

  1. Siha - Although she didn't comment on the first commented post in PoC, I wanted to give an honorable mention shout-out to a great blogger and fellow Proudmoore Alliance player, Siha of Banana Shoulders. She introduced herself on my second post, the introduction to my namesake toon, Rhoelyn, and has held a special place in my heart (and my feed reader) because of her great writing, her wonderful guides, and the remote possibility that I might actually run into her in-game.

    Somehow, despite a few /who attempts, that has still not actually managed to happen in the past near-year. Of course, she keeps crazy Aussie hours and I keep crazy American hours. We're probably passing on the login screen, each night.


That's right! It's my turn to pass on the nostalgic feeling to others. You are tagged:

Phaelia <<>> Kestrel <<>> Khol Drake <<>> Hana <<>> Faradhim


Anonymous said...

Yay, moar good feelings and happy nostalgia! I love it :)

*hug attack from Snugglekins!!!*

^ shes going to be doing that a lot I think...

Rhoelyn said...

Well, better now than when she was a scary-looking he-cow. :)

*snerk* Snugglekins... ^_^

Khol Drake said...

I'm on to you, Trebeck!

/seanconnery off

Asara Dragoness said...

Awwwww, thank you!! *hugs*
They are pretty cute, huh? ;)

Rhoelyn said...

Asara... abso-freakin'-lutely! It's confirmed. Not just your mommy-bias. ;)

Faradhim said...

Thank you for tagging me. Right back at you!